QLever ist a full-featured SPARQL+Text engine which returns result tuples for given SPARQL queries. The old UI is very simplistic and hard to use. The goal of our project is to create a simple, powerful and intuitive UI for QLever which supports suggestions and auto-completions.

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Getting started:


You should have installed pyhton2.7 and pip on you local machine or on the server you want to deploy the service. You should also set up a QLever backend on this machine or have access to a public QLever api.

Inside the network of the University of Freiburg you may use the backend of the chair of algorithms and datastructures which is pre-configured.


The UI comes with a special backend that serves several features like the auto-completion engine and the backend management system. The setup the backend correctly download the source and move into the "qleverUI" folder. Run the following command in you command line:

pip install -r requirements.txt


You may start a test-server on port :8000 with the following command:

./manage.py runserver

Alternatively you may want to setup the system behind a running apache or nginx server with WSGI.

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Working with the UI:

Coming soon...

Highlights of our UI

  • SPARQL Syntax Highlighting
  • Autocompletion (Ctrl + Space)
  • Context-sensitive Suggestions
  • Suggestions based on user input
  • Line Numbers / Tabbing
  • Interactive Placeholders
  • Dark- and Light-Theme
  • ....